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Adult education and easing anxiety with Familiarisation Videos

Adult education has undergone a fascinating transformation throughout history, adapting to societal changes, technological advancements, and the diverse needs of adult learners.

Purple background with a black & white illustration of a group of adult students at the bottom of the image. Hovering above the students on a yellow shape is text that says "Easing the transition in to adult education"

Adults, with or without disabilities, may experience anxiety when entering adult education for various reasons. Transitioning into a new learning environment or returning to education after a significant break can be a challenging experience for many individuals. The fear of the unknown, fitting in socially and potential accessibility issues can often bring a set of challenges and uncertainties.

A Familiarisation Video of the school or college, serves as a bridge between uncertainty and confidence, helping students transition to adult education with greater ease. By addressing key aspects of the educational experience and providing valuable insights, familiarisation videos contribute to a positive and informed start to the academic journey.

Each video offers a virtual tour of the learning environment. By showcasing key locations, facilities, and resources, students can gain a visual understanding of where they will be studying, helping students become familiar with their new educational environment before they even step into a classroom and so helping to reduce the anxiety associated with going to a new place of education.

Familiarisation videos highlight the various support services available. Knowing that assistance is readily available can ease anxieties about potential obstacles and provide a safety net for students who may face challenges during their educational journey.

Easing anxiety in adult education with Familiarisation Videos happens by addressing common concerns and providing a transparent view of the learning experience, these videos contribute significantly to reducing anxiety and promoting a positive and confident mindset among students in adult education.


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