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Helping People to Navigate the World with Dignity

Dignity Action Day is held on the 1st February to provide the opportunity for health and social care workers, and members of the public to uphold people's rights to dignity. The aim is to ensure people who use care services are treated as individuals and are given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

This made us think about how Familiarisation Videos helps people to navigate the world with dignity. Not only vulnerable members of society and people in care, but everyone.

Many people spend days, even weeks fretting and preparing for days out, meetings and appointments, sometimes resulting in often cancelling at the last minute and avoiding the situation entirely.

Lack of information about a location's accessibility can result in distress, embarrassment, anger, upset and anxiety, as people struggle to overcome barriers and issues that they weren’t aware of before they visited a venue.

Familiarisation Videos are tour videos that can be used to see locations, venues or public spaces in detail before actually going there. This is useful for allowing people to gain advanced insight into a location's layout and facilities and prepare for any potential issues they may face at that location.

The videos will help to eliminate the potential for uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, whilst allowing people to visit new places with confidence and dignity.

Find out more about Dignity Action Day here

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