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Do you know about Reasonable Adjustments within the Equality Act 2010?

A blue background with the Equality Act 2010 image in pale blue in the centre. An illustration of a group of diverse people stands in front of the blur background. Hovering over to the right hand side of the image is a yellow shape with dark grey text on it that says "do you know about resonable adjustments?"
Do you know about Reasonable Adjustments?

In the pursuit of creating a fair and inclusive society, legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of individuals with disabilities.

One of the key provisions within this act, that many people may not be aware of, is the concept of reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable adjustments, as mandated by the Equality Act 2010, refer to modifications or accommodations made to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities and access to the same benefits and services as those without disabilities. The primary objective is to eliminate barriers that might otherwise hinder their participation in various activities and contributing significantly to creating a more inclusive society

Determining the necessary reasonable adjustments for individuals with disabilities can be a challenging task, particularly when the assessment relies on the physical context of a venue. Without visiting a location, it's often difficult to accurately identify the barriers that may hinder accessibility. Each venue presents unique challenges, and understanding the specific needs of individuals with disabilities requires firsthand knowledge of the environment

Familiarisation Videos provide a detailed tour of each venue and location, clearly showing important factors such as architectural design, signage, and the availability of assistive technologies that all may be the subjects of tailored adjustments. Instead of making site visits, Familiarisation Videos are an indispensable way to assess and implement adjustments effectively, ensuring that the venue is not only compliant with the Equality Act but genuinely welcoming and accessible to all.


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