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A blue background with a black and white illustration of a british school girl looking anxious. Floating in front of her is a yellow shape with the text "School Anxiety. The silent battle being fought by students"

An invisible battle of school anxiety is being fought by countless students of all ages and abilities.

As an often overlooked issue, school anxiety has profound effects on students' mental health and academic performance.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but its recognition and understanding have grown significantly in recent years. It encompasses a range of emotional and physical responses triggered by the pressures and challenges of academic life. Common causes include academic expectations, social interactions, fear of failure, and performance-related stress.

The transition between academic years, new classes, or even changing schools can exacerbate these anxieties, hindering a student's ability to fully engage and thrive in the learning environment.

Familiarisation Videos serve as a powerful tool in dismantling the barriers of school anxiety, empowering students to approach each academic year with confidence and a sense of familiarity.

Acting as a virtual guide, Familiarisation Videos provide students with a sneak peek into their upcoming academic environment. By showcasing classrooms, common areas, and key facilities, these videos demystify the unknown, helping students visualise and mentally prepare for their new surroundings.

Social anxiety is a common component of school anxiety. Familiarisation Videos can include snippets of positive peer interactions, emphasising inclusivity and highlighting the friendly faces students might encounter in the hallways. This helps build a sense of community and belonging.

Schools can integrate familiarisation videos into their orientation programs, whether in-person or virtual. This ensures that all students have access to the valuable information provided in these videos. They don’t need to be limited to the beginning of the school year either, they can be revisited throughout the year as needed, providing ongoing support.

By incorporating these videos into school practices, educators can contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive learning environment, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive, free from the burdens of unnecessary anxiety.


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