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We are Creative Start Up of the Year for Wales!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Purple background with the text "Winner 2023. Creative StartUp of the Year. Familiarisation Videos" To the right of the image is a photograph of the Familiarisation Videos founder karen Williams, and the Familiarisation Videos logo.

The best startup firms in Wales have been revealed at the Wales Start-Up Awards 2023, which were held at Depot in Cardiff and saw 35 different awards given out to new businesses in categories such as Graduate StartUp of the Year, High Street StartUp of the Year and Innovative StartUp of the Year.

We are so proud to be Creative StartUp of the Year for Wales!

Speaking after the awards ceremony, Karen, founder of Familiarisation Videos, said: “We are absolutely delighted, over-the-moon, overwhelmed – you name it – to have been named winners of a national award. We truly are delighted.

Since launching Familiarisation Videos as a social enterprise, we have worked extremely hard to improve accessibility through our detailed tour videos, with the goal of reducing people’s anxiety levels when attending somewhere they haven’t been before. To have this work recognised with a national award means so much to us and the team.”

A photograph of the Familiarisation Videos team collecting the Creative StartUp of the Year award. From left to right: Roxanne France-Barton, Karen Williams and Sarah Comer
The team collecting the Creative StartUp of the Year award. From left to right: Roxanne France-Barton, Karen Williams and Sarah Comer

Roxanne, Familiarisation Videos co-founder, said: “This level of recognition is absolutely fantastic and for us means that we will hopefully be able to further enhance the level of support we can offer people relating to accessibility.

Our ambition for the months ahead is to develop some awareness courses around accessibility. What we’ve noticed is that unless it impacts someone – be that themselves personally or one of their loved ones – people’s general awareness isn’t there. So for us, being able to provide that education is key.”

A photography of the Familiarisation Videos team celebrating their win. Karen is in the centre of the picture holding the award and Roxanne and Sarah are in the background with their hands in the air.
The team celebrating their win!

The StartUp Awards were established in 2022 to highlight the success of start-ups across ten UK nations and regions and to celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy. Originally formed as the Wales StartUp Awards, the Awards Series has joined forces with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards to take the celebration of newly formed businesses nationwide.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, creator of the awards, said the events have celebrated the best new firms in the UK and recognised the amazing entrepreneurial talent across the nation.

“In the eighth year of the Wales Startup Awards, we have seen yet again the incredible contribution of new businesses to job creation, innovation, and prosperity across the whole of this entrepreneurial nation. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to read the stories of those individuals from across Wales who have spotted the opportunity and taken the risk to launch their own venture, especially at a time when the economy is still fragile after the Covid pandemic.

A photograph of all of the winners of awards.
The winners of the StartUp Awards 2023!

Find out more about the StartUp Awards at

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